TRP Revox Alloy Set schwarz

TRP Revox Alloy Set schwarz
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TRP Revox Alloy Set schwarz

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-> excellente Cantilever Bremse  aus Aluminium 
-> austauschbare Bremsbeläge nach Cartridge Bremsschuhstandard (Road) 


With Cyclocross becoming more popular and exciting, TRP Always likes to be on top. The RevoX is the latest on the cyclocross scene with its ultra light plate construction like the EuroX but with semi-low profile geometry similar to a CR959. This offers profound stopping power and control while still maintaining a good balance of mud clearance at a very low weight.  Individual spring tension adjusters let you precisely center your pads while our Inplace Adjust pad holders allow for toe-in and toe-out adjustment.  Pad height adjustment insures that you will always hit you rim square.  The integrated barrel adjuster end lets you fine tune the feel or make on the fly adjustments. Some might say it will revolutionize the sport.


- Semi low profile carbon fiber arms 


- Dual spring tension adjusters

- Integrated barrel adjuster

- Adjustable angle cartridge pads

- Titanium hardware 

- Weight: 130 grams per wheel (including hardware)



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